Presto Pressure Cookers & Canners Reviews


National Presto Industries, Inc. was founded in Eau Claire Wisconsin in 1905, then named Northwestern Steel and Iron Works and was a maker of industrial-size pressure canners for commercial canneries. After ten years it began manufacturing large pressure canners for everyday use at home. Then in 1939 the company introduced the first saucepan-style pressure cooker and under the unique the trade name Presto. The company has vastly expanded its product line ever since to include a variety of popular cooking tools and gadgets found in commercial and home kitchens around the world.

Here we are going to review several of the Presto Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner models and discuss their features, what makes them great products and sets them apart from one another so that you may make an appropriate purchase.

You will notice that for the 4-Quart - 8-Quart pressure cookers we have only included Prestos stainless steel models and aluminum for their larger pressure cooker/canners. Thought aluminum pressure cookers are lighter in weight, conduct heat well and are less expensive, you will not find an aluminum model pressure cooker with nonstick coatings as these finishes do not stand up well in the pressure cooking environment. This is however an ideal environment for canning so as you make your decision consider how you plan to use your pressure cooker over time and choose accordingly.

​Stainless steel pressure cookers may be more expensive but they provide a far more attractive and long lasting finish, overall lifespan and durability. The Presto pressure cooker models we have selected below feature tri-clad metal base, an aluminum disc welded to the bottom exterior of the pot. It is a much stronger conductor of heat and will eliminate potential “hot spots” which are typical of regular stainless steel cookware.​

Presto 4-Quart & 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review

Presto 01341 4-Quart and 01362 6-quart are elegant, minimal and bold in design and fit perfectly in any standard, contemporary or commercial kitchen.

They are easy to operate with all the features that remove any intimidation one may have when approaching pressure cooking. They will drastically reduce your cooking time and energy costs by up to 70 percent while retaining all of your ingredients nutritional value. We would recommend the 4 or 6 quart to bachelors, couples, or for preparing side dishes. Consider you will need about 1/3 of the inside free for the pressure to cook the ingredients so if you are looking to provide for more people than consider looking into the 8 quart model.

The lid features a cover interlock, an important device will prevent the lid from being removed if there is still pressure inside the cooker. The removable pressure regulator on top of the lid maintains the cooking pressure at 15 psi producing the necessary sound to let you know when dinner is ready.

The cooking trivet provided will allow you to cook certain foods above the liquid in the pressure cooker. This allows several foods to be cooked simultainuously inside the cooker without having flavours and odours of the foods intermingle too much. Its ease of use makes it a far safer, economic and healthy choice over a microwave.

Presto uses quality stainless steel and along with the tri-clad metal base, this model works perfectly on any cooktop: gas ranges, ceramic, glass, and induction surfaces. This will ensure an even and consistent cook throughout the meal.

You will notice two handles on each pressure cooker allowing you to handle and manipulate it as desired with certain safety. This model is dishwasher safe and is completely immersible for a good cleaning. Be sure to remove the pressure regulator and clean inside the valve as to make sure there is no build up of food inside which may block it for its next use.

The 64 page instruction and recipe book is a helpful guide that provides some excellent, varied recipes such as soups, stews, pot roasts and some desserts.

Presto offers an impressive 12 year extended warranty on this model which is quite an encouraging feature and shows belief in their product.

Our Review: 

With proper care for your Presto Pressure cooker, it will keep working for you for many years to come, maintaining its elegant shine. Presto is an excellent brand which stand behind their products very well and the 12 year warranty shows that well.

Judging on the price one would perhaps expect a subpar piece of cookware​ but these 4 and 6 quart pressure cookers from Presto surely outshine a lot of competition and customers around the world praise them. In fact, many customers replace their Presto pressure cookers of 20+ years for these more recent models because of those 20 years of proven reliability. And if you're only getting started, at the price point they make an economically risk-free introduction to pressure cooking. Very simple and unintimidating.

The handles are fastened to the body by only one screw each, which means you will want to screw them on tight to prevent them from rotating on you while you're handling hot ingredients.

Consider storing your pressure cooker with the lid inside as the pressure regulator (overpressure plug)​ sits loosely on the top and does so because it needs to be able to 'regulate' the pressure inside the cooker. When the regulator rocks back and forth, it is releasing steam to maintain the 15 pounds of pressure. Storing the lid inside will help any damage to the regulator when being moved around or stacked.

​When at the checkout you will notice a few additional parts recommended to you. We highly suggest grabbing these as the rubber sealing ring is to be replaced annually It is a part of a pack that includes a pressure regulator. As well snag the metal steaming rack for a couple of dollars which will help keep multiple foods separate from one another whileinside the cooker and prevent the mingling of flavours. They are all very inexpensive and very necessary so don't wait down the road to make that minor purchase. Again, your Presto pressure cooker will last you years to come if you treat it right.

Presto 6-Quart Deluxe Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review

Presto came out with their deluxe version of the 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker. It has rapidly become a fan favourite where customers around the globe have been trading in their old pressure cookers of 20+ years for a more modern, user friendly model with higher safety features. This model is composed of luxurious stainless steel with a tri-clad base for quick, even heating and easy cleaning. This tri-clad base is an aluminum disc welded to the bottom exterior of the pot. It is a much stronger conductor of heat and will eliminate potential “hot spots” which are typical of regular stainless steel cookware.

The differences between the deluxe version and the standard 6-quart stainless steel model are minor and their degree of importance may vary from person to person. The duluxe does host a more modern design, weighing just over half a pound lighter and may perhaps marry better with certain kitchen designs. The handles allow for easier removal of the lid on this deluxe model. The pressure release device keeps lid staying locked until all of the pressure has been released and it can be opened safely. This also maintains a steady pressure to ensure a steady and even cooking throughout.​

​Rest assured the Presto 6-quart deluxe pressure cooker is ideal for any cook top, gas ranges, ceramic, glass, and induction surfaces. Also included is a stainless rack for those recipes that call for layering food. This allows one to cook multiple ingredients at a time without any intermingling of flavours, keeping ingredients unique in flavour. This can all be done 10 times faster than alternative cooking methods, making it a huge time, energy and money saver.

  • Foods cook 3 to 10 times faster than alternative cooking methods
  • Chicken, fish, meat, vegetables and more are cooked to perfection
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Ergonomically designed, 2-piece handle
  • Pressure regulator automatically maintains the proper cooking pressure
  • Independent pressure release devices prevent excess buildup in the cooker
  • Cover lock keeps cooker from being opened until pressure is safely reduced
  • Stainless steel rack included
  • Complete 64-page instruction and recipe book included
  • 12-year limited warranty

Presto 6-Quart Deluxe Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


Our Review:

With such simple use and durable design we can only complain that this doesn't come in an 8-Quart design. If you are in the market for one single pressure cooker then definitely go bigger as to perfect whole chickens, large roasts and overall produce larger quantities. 6-Quarts is ideal for two people on average. But if you are looking to manage several courses where you'll be doing soups and desserts then diversify your tool set and grab a large and small pressure cooker. Presto has excellent prices on their products and their pressure cookers have been known to last for decades. They are an excellent investment on your time and energy.

The pot must be assembled by the user when it arrives. This is certainly not a complicated task but be sure to have a Phillips screwdriver at hand. There will be stickers on the inside of the pot which indicate where the handles go. Be sure to screw them on securely. You can brown your meats inside the pot before applying the lid for pressure cooking. Brown as desired and then add the liquid to the pot, insert the stainless steel cooking rack, then your ingredients and then close the lid. This will ​reduce the amount of dirty dishes which take flavours and fats along with them all while cutting down the time of that roast from five hours to just under one.

The included instruction and recipe book ​is surely helpful though some of the cooking times suggested for the vegetables were a bit too long and should you follow them you are certain to end up with some mushy greens. Visit out collection of pressure cooker cookbooks as you'll find outstanding recipes from some of the biggest pressure cooker enthusiasts out there.

A majority of the differences of the deluxe model compared to the other Presto​ 6-Quart Pressure Cooker are cosmetic. There is a secondary pressure release valve, both of which function on their own so neither models provide easier use over the other. In terms of safety, this model will not open until all of the pressure is fully released. If you're looking to speed this process up try putting the cooker under some cold running water for a moment.

It should be noted that the rubber ring which prevents air from escaping is to be washed by hand and replaced once a year. This extra part will be suggested to you at a small price at the checkout and should be included in the purchase just to avoid having to buy many more down the road as this will be used for quite some time to come.​

Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review

Presto is in the forefront of the pressure cooking trend that is seeing its second wind. Online inquiries for pressure cookers has been seeing a steady increase and Presto offers customers great value the perfect price point. Now with 83 years of proven reputation and a confident 12-year limited warranty on their products, it is no question why Presto products are consistently top-sellers.

Pressure cookings appeal is highlighted in the way that it is on average 70% faster than other cooking methods, it retains much more of the nutritional value of the ingredients it cooks and manages to keep flavours locked in. This is optimal for saving time, money and energy all while being health conscious. The Presto 8-quart stainless steel pressure cooker is multi-purpose in that its size is ideal for many uses and is a handy addition to any well-rounded set of kitchen tools.

The heavy-duty lid locks down with a twist into place over a rubber sealer which seals the steam in. If features a pop-up pressure indicator and a steam release mechanism which host a "quick cool" option to manually release steam. As well there is an overpressure plug that will release excess steam as to maintain a steady pressure within throughout cooking at 15 psi.

The Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker has a tri-clad base, a piece of aluminum placed between two pieces of stainless steel which will aide in conducting and distributing heat evenly throughout the pot and avoid any "hot spots" which are characteristic to stainless steel cookware. The cover lock indicator situated on the handle shows that there is pressure inside the pot and prevents the lid from being removed until the pressure is safely released.

The lid twists off just as it twists on, with no buttons, on the two handles on each side of the pot. The pot is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can also be cleaned with nonabrasive cleaners and occasional use of a metal polish to maintain its shiny lustre throughout its lifespan. Remove the rubber sealing ring after each use to thoroughly clean the rim of the lid. Be sure to wash the vent pipe, cover lock and overpressure plug. These are all removable and are best left detached after washing for placement storage as to not get banged and damaged.

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

  • Saves time, energy, and money. Cooks three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods and can in many cases replace a microwave for reheating.
  • Chicken, fish, and vegetables cook to perfection in minutes.
  • Cooks delicate foods perfectly and heartier foods thoroughly
  • Stainless steel construction with a special tri-clad base for fast, even heating. Ideal for use on regular, smooth, gas or induction stove top ranges.
  • Pressure regulator maintains proper cooking pressure automatically.
  • Easy-open twist cover with no buttons to push.
  • Includes stainless steel steaming basket and 64-page instruction/recipe book containing 75 recipes.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning with sealing ring, overpressure plug and pressure regulator removed.
  • Cover lock indicator shows when there is pressure inside the pot, prevents from being opened until safe to do so.
  • Extended 12-year limited warranty.

Our Review:

The Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker may be one of our favourite stove top models as it is an excellent size, excellent quality with great materials, easy to use and is priced very well. Its low, wide profile is good for browning and stirring; great for large soups, meats and beans. Perhaps a little small if your looking to cook larger chickens or roasts but definitely goes a long way. Expect to be able to cook 4-5 lbs of meat along with vegetables and broth at a single time. 

It is quiet, effective and easy to clean. The safety features are sound leaving zero intimidation in using the pressure cooker. Its low, wide profile was good for browning and stirring; it cooked meats and beans well.

The handles are perhaps a little debatable and could be more or less preferable from person to person. They are relatively short and excellent for gripping but could be tough to twist off and maneuver for seniors with restricted use of their wrists. ​

We suggest a thorough read through the manual. Though this is not a complicated item to use, some customers find themselves struggling with the lid or the pressure release valve. Follow the instructions and be sure you're comfortable with how to manage the features so you can get more out of your pressure cooker. We feel most complaints customers had could have been prevented by reading the manual first. ​

The manual does suggest to avoid canning in this model and therefore a canning trivet is not included. The recommendation for using USDA pressure processes for low-acid foods is to use a canner that holds at least four (4) quart-size jars standing upright on the rack, with the lid in place. The research for USDA pressure processes for vegetable and meat products was conducted in pressure canners that are most similar to today's 16-quart or larger pressure canners. For in-depth information on requirements for pressure canners from the Nation Centre For Home Food Preservation click here.

​The steaming rack included with the pressure cooker is rather small. It may be worth it up find a larger steaming rack to fit better in this model. Consider that It is 10-1/2 inches in diameter when browsing through steaming racks

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